HAVeESP, Inc. - Our Companies, Networks, & Websites

HAVeESP, Inc. is a privately held corporation established in 1999 owned entirely by its principle founders. We own, develop and manage companies and ventures in various sectors where we see high consumer need and public demand. Each partner is responsible for a given area based on experience.  Our overall focus is on homeland security as well as filling a void in the marketplace by providing the highest quality products and services.


HAVeESP™ owns and manages various consulting and web companies in the US Homeland Security arena.  They include:

·     SAFETY ACT CONSULTANTS, a consulting firm dealing specifically with the SAFETY Act or the “Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act”.  This Federal law provides unprecedented liability immunities, protections, caps and other incentives for approved entities who use, supply, design, manufacture, provide or are otherwise involved in preventing, deterring, mitigating, responding to or recovering from a terrorism event.  We help organizations in all business sectors benefit under SAFETY Act and, if appropriate for their terrorism related exposures, strategies or products, we help them successfully navigate through the DHS SAFETY Act application process.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a Total SAFETY Act Solution - From start to finish and then some. This includes advice on the modifications needed to your contracts and insurance program to assure compliance and protection.

We also help clients use the SAFETY Act as a true product differentiator allowing better marketing opportunities, generating new product interest and improve revenues.

We represent clients of all sizes from small business startups to Fortune 100 companies. Some have built their entire company around one “hard box” technology or software program while others have multiple anti-terrorism service and technology integrations with many elements involved.

The SAFETY Act does not require you to apply to obtain significant liability protection under this law.  Let us show you how!  Visit us at www.SAFETYACTCONSULTANTS.com

·      SAFETY ACT APPROVED, an online portal and database that allows users to find technologies, products and services that have already earned SAFETY Act approval from the DHS. These automatically provide their users with some of the extraordinary immunities and liability protections provided under this law.  Currently in beta testing. Visit us at www.SAFETYACTAPPROVED.com

·      Terrorism Risk Solutions, a consulting firm dealing with financial protections, options and solutions in the event of a terrorist act involving a clients facilities, products, services or advice. We help organizations understand their terrorism liability exposures and the financial impact they could have on an organization. We help educate clients on the various financial mitigation strategies and options to protect their bottom line including insurance and risk transfer as well as the Federal statutory protections available to them under the SAFETY Act. Visit us at www.TerrorismRiskSolutions.com

Some of our solutions involve conventional and non-conventional insurance products, captive utilization, TRIA (the “Terrorism Risk Insurance Act”), SAFETY Act, Government Contractors’ Defense or “Boyle”, PL 85-804, etc;

·      T-Rex an insurance model for providing Terrorism insurance & reinsurance including coverage for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological or “NBCR” perils. Visit us at www.TRexInsurance.com.


Our largest venture is GREATeSTSOURCE ™.  This is our huge collection of GREATeSTWEBSITES™ and GREATeSTDOMAINNAMES™.  These sites are part of HAVeESP’s™ consumer oriented portal network using one of the largest collections of topic focused and user intuitive domain names, web portals and directories. Our thousands of GREATeSTWEBSITES™ are dedicated exclusively to their namesake such as GREATeSTDOGS.com, GREATeSTCOLLEGES, GREATeSTCOFFEE, GREATeSTFITNESS, etc. Our portals shift today’s paradigm from subjective keyboard-entered searches to an easy to use, topic specific domain, portal and directory designed for easy click-through navigation. Our goal is to have over 1000 topic dedicated GREATeST™ sites published by 2010. We are currently in a beta or test mode version as we develop our various sites but some test versions can be accessed at www.GREATeSTSOURCE.com


HAVeESP™ owns AlKat Publishing, a web based publishing company. AlKat is going to start publishing online children’s adventure stories including “The Frogs on Diamond Pond” ™.  
Visit us at  www.AlKatPublishing.com  or at  www.TheFrogsOnDiamondPond.com