GREATeSTSOURCE is uniquely positioned to provide advertisers the opportunity to present their products and brands to a very relevant /topic focused audience. We deliver a marketing program that is cost-effective and focused on a strong return for our clients. Our topic focused strategy is specifically designed to benefit the advertiser by providing meaningful and relevant placements with total focus on the topic or position they select and maximizing the marketing dollars clients allocate to us.


Advertising Agencies


We have developed relationships with many interactive advertising agencies. The GREATeSTSOURCE Ad team is committed to achieving the overall goals of our clients and providing them the strongest return on their investment possible.


GREATeSTSOURCE can also accommodate all third-party serving, and campaign optimization requirements of any interactive agency. GREATeSTSOURCE will be able to provide a complete web advertising solution including tracking and analysis. Performance is monitored daily and online access to these reports is available.


Working Directly with Clients – We recognize that not all businesses are affiliated with an advertising agency. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as individules and other entities are all treated with the same degree of professionalism as a world-class advertiser. The GREATeSTSOURCE team works with the client to develop a complete online marketing solution outlining targeting criteria and performance metrics. The focus of each campaign is the development of strong return on investment for the advertising dollars the client has allocated to us.



Technical Specifications



Max File Size

120 x 600


300 x 250


Standard Creative


Animation: Optional

• GIF 87/89a

Looping: Limited or Unlimited



Rich Media*

• Flash/Shockwave
• Java
• Bluestreak

Rich media is tested on a case by case basis.  It must be third party served.


From Our Business Plan:

Successful portals, directories and search engines generate high web traffic.  GREATeSTSOURCE’s differential of virtually 100% relevance is no exception. With search engines, careful key-word selection is critical. An advertiser may be paying for a message delivered to a lot of people who will probably never be in the market to buy from them.  We provide only targeted exposure within a given topic and thus users most likely to buy a given product or service. Our model creates the idea targeted advertising environment.  Since each one of our Greatest Portals will be dedicated exclusively to their namesakes, few if any web surfers would even enter any of our Greatest Portals by accident.  They would know exactly what to expect simply from the portal’s domain name.


A web user who visits or is not on that site by accident.  They know what they will find.  These will be very attractive sites for advertisers targeting these sectors. 

Search Engine Key-Word Advertising / Paid Search Placement

Small and medium sized web advertisers cannot rely solely on key-word only advertising on the mega sites. The majority of search engine key-word ad placements are on a pay-per-click basis. This requires advertisers to bid for each visitor or click directed to their web site.  What they ultimately pay per click determines their listing’s placement or position on the search results page.  Their final cost is based on the per-click cost and number of click-throughs that their site receives in a given period. 

Today, paid search placement is basically an online auction. The advertiser who bids the most, or in the case of Google, who pays them the most in the aggregate, gets the top spot in the listings. The goliaths of a given online sector tend to bid up the price of effective key words and many advertisers are looking for alternatives that can still provide them with targeted traffic. Factors that favor HAVeESP’s model over a search engine pay-per-click model include:

  • Key word advertising is becoming more complex and can be very costly;
  • The key word model can overwhelm or be way too expensive especially for an individual, smaller site, local or small regional business; 
  • Anyone with a bigger budget can bounce an advertiser’s key word ad out of position on any of the major search engines
  • A fixed marketing budget for “key word search” is virtually impossible unless that advertiser is willing to cut off its traffic flow at a given level;
  • Key word cost-per-click advertising can be very expensive for branding campaigns;
  • The use of trademarked key words remains highly scrutinized by trademark owners and their hired guardians. This continues to be a hotly contested intellectual property issue in the courts;
  • Any cost-per-click advertising is subject to “Click-Fraud” which is becoming much more of an issue and threatening many advertising models;

Search Engine Optimization

If a site owner (advertiser) is relying on favorable search engine placement alone:

o       It is virtually impossible to compete with the rankings of very large, mega or highly popular sites;

o       Search engine relevancy and/or ranking algorithms often change;

o       To improve search engine ranking, optimizers have to design sites specifically for the spiders often at the expense of the visitor’s ease of use;

o       Ongoing site optimization can change the usability, look or feel of a site;

o       Website and webpage optimization is expensive, time consuming, a never ending necessity and will always be a subjective art form;

o       Successful optimization will invite a barrage of SEO imitations and once again push  the site out of its high ranking position;

o       Since each search engine’s indexing and ranking algorithms differ, the same optimization strategy will not work for all search engines.


Our Advertising Advantages

o       Highly Targeted Audience - The ability to successfully reach highly targeted audiences, not just by specific topic but by local, regional, national or global demographic pages. 

o       Ad Format Flexibility – The GREATeSTSOURCE model allows for much more flexibility in both the type and number of ads or listings that can be accommodated without cluttering the site. 

o       Advertising Cost Basis Flexibility – Again, because our model is based on a directory structure and not a search engine, we have great flexibility with how advertising or listing space options can be priced and displayed. 

o       Flat Rated Ads - Our design allows for flat rated ad pricing typically unavailable on search sites.  Flat rated ad space eliminates an advertiser’s exposure to “click-fraud” as well as an underestimate of a given ad’s popularity and inadvertently going over budget or having ad traffic cut off early; Flat rated ads, not normally available on the search engines, are more attractive and much more practical for many advertisers.  A flat cost basis can guarantee placement when and where a buyer wants it. They help eliminate the cost of pure “curiosity” clicks and totally eliminate an advertiser’s exposure to click fraud; Flat rated space by time, impressions, click-through / pay-per-click, affiliate, commission or even some combination thereof;

o       Better Performing Key-Words - Our domain name and niche portal structure automatically provide all our advertisers with many benefits of a “key-word” advertising model without some of the inherent disadvantages.  Since visitors would be looking or searching vertically within one of our portals, the HAVeESP key-word will allow advertisers to buy very basic key-words in a much more subject focused environment;

o       Branding - GREATeSTSOURCE is the ideal model for advertisers more interested in targeted branding than actually making direct sales online. (i.e. manufacturers of breakfast cereals, soft drinks or cat litter all of whose products would be impractical to actually be sold to individual consumers online). Those advertisers only interested in targeted product branding need the GREATeSTSOURCE model. 

  • Static Page Content - By our use of “static” page formatting we:
    • can provide for ads that do not change or rotate so users can easily go back to an advertiser’s message again and again;
    • can provide flexibility in ad format and/or size;
    • allow for better targeting of an audience by actual ad placement. Like traditional newspaper or magazine advertising, we can offer more flexibility in the actual ad placement location within our pages;  An advertiser can choose which of our portals, portal pages or actual page position caters best to a specific audience or product;
    • we can provide rich media ads and thus can convey a message with sight, sound and motion;
  • No Website Needed - Unlike a web search engine, our advertisers do not need an online presence;
  • High User Interest - Our niche portals by their very nature will have high user interest and involvement which means that more attention will be paid to advertisement.  In fact, many areas in each portal will be “action-oriented”.  In other words, the target audience will actually be looking for the ads;


Maintaining a positive user experience is paramount to success.  Even though our ad space, pages and listings can be very flexible in format, they would be limited by type or location to maintain an uncluttered, consistent and easy to use site regardless of the topic.  By limiting the amount of certain types of advertising to maintain consistent feel and site usability, our ad space will be at a premium.  Allowing automatic “Interference Ads” of any type (pop-ups, floaters over content etc.) is not envisioned.


Once we publish more of our key GREATeSTWEBSITES, we will make a decision on when we will proceed with our different advertising programs.


Please stop back and check this page periodically.




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